Hi there,
I'm Sabina

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Student Placement

Sabina was studying HLT43015 Certificate IV in Allied Health Assisting – Physiotherapy when she joined MET Phys.

She was a confident, outgoing, and effervescent individual. In August 2020, she was medically discharged from the Army. As part of a DVA Vocational Rehabilitation Program, she pursued the Certificate IV in Allied Health Assisting – Physiotherapy at TAFE.

During her seven years in the Army, she encountered common injuries among combat athletes, which sparked her fascination and familiarity with the physical rehabilitation process. This experience motivated her to pursue a career in Physiotherapy, with a particular interest in providing care to ADF members and Veterans. The Certificate IV served as an entry point into university for her.

She chose to study Allied Health Assisting due to her fascination with the industry and its ability to support individuals undergoing various types of rehabilitation. Her passion for learning about the human body, its functioning, and the rehabilitation process stemmed from her own experiences with injury and rehabilitation within the defense sector. The physical and mental impact on soldiers and veterans became a specific area of interest for her.

Sabina is enthusiastic about her journey into studying Physiotherapy at university and viewed the Allied Health Assisting course as a suitable starting point given her current circumstances and a pathway to pursue further university studies.

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