We combine our specialist skills in Physiotherapy to support your needs throughout your health journey.

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Physiotherapy is all about getting your body moving right. Whether it be after surgery or before recovering from an injury or helping you stay active for life!

Physiotherapy isn’t just about hands on treatment, rather its a menu of treatment options that is tailored to suit you, your injury and your personal circumstances.

At MET Phys we use a range of treatment modalities that may include hands on treatments, dry needling, movement and exercise therapy and expert advice and education – to get you back to doing the things you love.

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EVERYONE who wants to be better whether that be faster, move better, less pain or just play with the grandkids.. anyone can use a physiotherapist.

consultation times

Please be aware that if you arrive late for your appointment, your consultation session may be shortened accordingly.

If a longer appointment time is required because your treatment needs are more complex, we will consult with you before extending the session time.

Before extending the session time, please chat with our admin team about service fees.

our FEES

We can provide treatments for Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA) Gold card patients, and for approved areas on a DVA White Card. 

Please ensure that you bring a current DVA referral from your GP or specialist when you attend our clinic.


All of our treating Physiotherapists are WorkCover accredited and can help you recover and rehabilitate from your work injury. 

Please bring your GP referral with you, as well as your WorkCover Medical Certificate and all the relevant details of your insurer eg: claim number, case manager and contact details. If all of these details are provided correctly, we can invoice the insurer directly for you.


For those with private health insurance, we have a HICAPS terminal for on-the-spot rebates from your private health fund.

The codes used for private health claims are:

  • Item #500 Assessment Consultation
  • Item #505 Subsequent Consultation
  • Item #506 Long Subsequent Consult (2 Areas)

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) helps people living with a significant and permanent disability to get the support they need. You can use your NDIS money for physiotherapy services when they are listed in your NDIS Plan. If you have a current NDIS Plan that includes physiotherapy services and have chosen to self-manage your funds, then please make an appointment. If you are Plan Managed that’s not a problem either. We’re looking forward to meeting you, learning about your goals, and designing a therapy program to help you achieve them.


What to expect from your first appointment:

Your first appointment is a time when we get to know each other as you’re going to be engaging in ongoing physiotherapy over months or years and you need to like and trust your healthcare team.


You can expect us to:

  • Form a service agreement with you. (Recommended by the NDIS)
  • Read your NDIS Plan.
  • Ask you about your disability, your goals and your lifestyle.
  • Assess your condition.
  • Examine your muscle strength, joint mobility, balance and endurance.
  • Discuss any mobility equipment we think might help you move around more easily.
  • Ask for your permission to contact your doctors or other allied health professionals in your treatment team.

You MUST have a valid EPC care plan from your GP in order to use the funding from Medicare. Please be aware the government funding only covers a part of the normal treatment fee, therefore there will be a gap or balance of payment required at the time of the appointment.

For non-bulk-billing service:
  • There will be a gap payment or out of pocket investment
  • Since the rebate is done by the government, you will have to follow these steps for your payment: 
    • Hand us all your EPC care plan (or your GP may have sent this to the clinic), relevant documents, and Medicare card. Please allow enough time for our administrative team to key in all your information.
    • Invest in the full consultation fee (i.e., card or cash).
    • We will then process the rebate for you via the HICAPS terminal in clinic.
    • If you would like a statement for you own record, please kindly request that while you process the payment, so our admin team can print it out for you, otherwise the statement cannot be reprint after the process has finalized.