PHN's Wellbeing and Resilience Grant Program

The PHN Wellbeing and Resilience Grant program is a 12 week program aimed at helping individuals aged 18-65+ reach their exercise goals.

Wellbeing and Resilience program

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Wellbeing and Resilience Program

The grant is aimed at restoring our communities wellbeing and resilience by providing subsidised health and fitness sessions.

This is for the ages between 18-65+ to access a range of group classes for circuit, strength and falls prevention classes. 

The program will give access to an initial testing session, 12 exercise sessions across 12 weeks at $5 each as well as a final testing session.

Eligibility for the program would be for people who have had difficulty accessing exercise related healthcare in the past 12 months due to mental health, financial or environmental hardships.

This service is supported by funding from Darling Downs and West Moreton PHN through the Australia Government’s PHN Program. 

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What the program offers

16-week program

12 x 1-hour subsidised exercise sessions

Group-based activities at a high impact to low-based intensity exercise

A respectful and supportive environment with likeminded individuals

A new way to reach your goals to achieve a postive lifestyle change

available via face-to-face or telehealth

PHN Wellbeing and Resilience Grant Program

open for new registrants

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What does the program cost?

Total Program Cost

Includes initial consult, 12 sessions across 12 weeks, and 1 free post assessment
$ 105
  • $45.00 Initial Consult
  • 12 Succeeding Sessions
  • 1 Free Post Assessment
save over $120
what to expect

About the sessions

In the PHN Wellbeing and Resilience Grant program exercise sessions, you will participate in group-based activities at a high impact to low-based intensity exercise. The sessions will include large muscle-group aerobic activities and may include resistance exercises using dumbbells, body weight and/or resistance bands, such as arm raises and seated rows.

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Take the step towards a healthier you

This program takes a different approach to getting healthy, so why not register and find out if the PHN Wellbeing and Resilience Program works for you! If you know someone who would benefit? Share this with them.