Hi there,
I'm Kylie

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Student Placement

Kylie was currently working as a remedial massage therapist, a profession she adored, when she joined MET Phys.

Her career began in the beauty therapy industry right after finishing high school. She discovered her love for massage, but felt limited in her ability to truly assist clients with only relaxation massage skills. Motivated by her desire to provide effective pain relief, she pursued a diploma in remedial massage in 2013. Over the years, she continued to enhance her skills by undertaking courses in kinesiology taping and dry needling.

While expanding her knowledge and expertise, Kylie also met her husband and had a child who is now almost five years old (not really a baby anymore!).

She thoroughly enjoys spending time in or near the ocean, soaking up the sun whenever possible. Healing is her passion, and she eagerly anticipates the opportunities an allied health position can offer her.

She is now a valuable team member at MET Phys as a remedial massage therapist.

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