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Hi there, I’m Kylie role Student Placement Kylie was currently working as a remedial massage therapist, a profession she adored, when she joined MET Phys. Her career began in the beauty therapy industry right after finishing high school. She discovered her love for massage, but felt limited in her ability to truly assist clients with … Read more


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Hi there, I’m Bri role Student Placement Bri was currently in her 4th and final year of studying exercise physiology at USQ when she joined MET Phys. She had always been an enthusiastic sports enthusiast and loved promoting exercise. She was passionate and motivated about assisting people in achieving their individual goals. She looked forward … Read more


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Hi there, I’m Naomi role Student Placement Naomi was in her third year of studying Sports and Exercise Science with Honours in Clinical Exercise Physiology when she joined MET Phys. She was currently undertaking her 3rd year placement. She had always harbored a passion for sport and exercise, as well as assisting people in improving … Read more


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Hi there, I’m Sabina role Student Placement Sabina was studying HLT43015 Certificate IV in Allied Health Assisting – Physiotherapy when she joined MET Phys. She was a confident, outgoing, and effervescent individual. In August 2020, she was medically discharged from the Army. As part of a DVA Vocational Rehabilitation Program, she pursued the Certificate IV … Read more


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Hi there, I’m Caitlin role Student Placement Caitlin, who was 18 years old at the time, was working at Intersport Toowoomba and studying a Cert III in Allied Health Assistance when she joined MET Phys. She had a keen interest in sports, recreation, and staying active. Additionally, she was drawn to the idea of helping … Read more

Hannah P.

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Hi there, I’m Hannah role Student Placement Hannah, who was 17 at the time, was studying Allied Health at TAFE when she joined MET Phys for her work experience. She chose to do her work experience with MET Phys because of her love for helping people. Seeing individuals achieve their life goals brought her great … Read more


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Hi there, I’m Casey role Student Placement Casey joined MET Phys on August 2021. She is a mother of two girls, Layla (5) and Ruby (2). She has always had a passion for dancing and has been dancing since her high school days. After completing grade 12, Casey decided to become an exchange student in … Read more


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Hi there, I’m Ruby role Student Placement Ruby is in her final year (4th year) of studying Clinical Exercise Physiology at the University of Queensland. When she joined MET Phys, she already possessed her Cert III & IV in Fitness. Additionally, she holds an up-to-date First Aid and CPR Certificate, as well as a Blue … Read more


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Hi there, I’m Molly role Student Placement Molly joined MET Phys in June 2021. After working for several years as an Environmental Scientist, primarily involved in environmental assessment and project management for mine completion in Mount Isa and Adelaide, Molly decided to pursue a change in career direction after becoming a parent. In 2018, she … Read more


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Hi there, I’m Samuel role Student Placement Samuel joined MET Phys while in his second year of studies at USQ. This is his first experience with a university practical work placement, and he does not possess any qualifications in the sport and exercise field. However, he has previous training in pharmacy medicine due to his … Read more

Michael K.

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Hi there, I’m Michael role Student Placement Michael holds Cert. 3/4 in Fitness and Personal Training, as well as Cert. 3 in Engineering. Currently, he is studying Sports and Exercise Science at USQ (1st year) when he joined MET Phys. He possesses a strong passion for fitness and personal growth. Additionally, he is enthusiastic about … Read more

Hannah Q

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Hi there, I’m Hannah role Student Placement Hannah joined MET Phys during her first year of studying a Bachelor’s degree in Sport and Exercise Science at the University of Southern Queensland. She is a qualified beginner gymnastics coach at PCYC Toowoomba and teaches acrobatic dance classes at Chenyl’s Academy of Dance in Pittsworth. After 16 … Read more