Hi there,
I'm Samuel

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Student Placement

Samuel joined MET Phys while in his second year of studies at USQ. This is his first experience with a university practical work placement, and he does not possess any qualifications in the sport and exercise field. However, he has previous training in pharmacy medicine due to his part-time work at Terrywhite Chemmart. Additionally, he has received standard training in first aid, CPR, and lifesaving.

Samuel’s decision to study sport and exercise science stems from his lifelong passion for all things related to sports and his desire to assist people. He has developed a particular interest in sports recovery and providing support to those in need.

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Fun facts about Samuel

As well as sport and exercise, I have a strong passion for music

I can play a few musical instruments

I have traveled to many countries (and hopefully many more soon) and experienced many different cultures

I grew up overseas in the Philippines and represented my school in sports like basketball and soccer

I can cook 2-minute noodles in under 2 minutes

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