How Can I Be Active Over Winter?

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Over winter, we commonly look for an excuse to avoid exercise and seek warmth in front of the fireplace. Huddled under your favourite blanket, watching TV all day sounds like a good way to go. 

Yes, it can be hard to find motivation when the wind is howling, but don’t submit your thoughts about staying active! 

A little bit of planning can help you get through our cold winter months!

So how can I remain active throughout winter? 

Insulate your body! The best approach to completing the outdoor physical activity is with layers! Wearing multiple layers is the most effective way to stay warm and out of the elements. If you become too warm, simply take your top layer off! Try and avoid cotton clothing as once it gets wet, it stays wet and cold! Try wearing a jacket resistant to rain and wind for your top layer. 

Exercise in daylight! Yes, shorter days make it difficult to find an appropriate time to exercise. If you exercise in the dark, make sure you wear easily visible clothing.

Walk inside! Walking outside is the most common form of exercise completed by adults as part of their daily routine. If you seeking alternative options to continue walking, try walking at a shopping centre away from the Winter elements. 

Stay hydrated! It is important to remain hydrated throughout all exercise modalities. Hydrate in the warmth of your home prior to exercising! Alternatively, fill up a thermos with a warm herbal tea to hydrate whilst out exercising!

Utilize your resources to stay active during the winter

The internet is your best friend when it comes to at-home workouts in the warm comfort of your house! Simply search the web for video-based exercise sessions to complete at home. You can easily find something to suit your exercise capacity!

Alternatively, come see us at MET Phys to join in our exercise groups or book in for a 1 on 1 session. Our exercise sessions are completed away from the cruel Winter elements and catered to your ability. If you would like information tailored to suit your needs, please contact your local allied health professionals at MET Phys or come in and see us! We are just beside the Lifeline in Highfields at Shop 1 & 2, 10517 New England Highway, Highfields, 4352.