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Hi there, I’m Olivia role Work Placement Olivia was in year 10 at Mary MacKillop Catholic College, Highfields when she joined MET Phys. She had a keen interest in the allied health sector as a potential career pathway. She specifically chose to come to MET Phys to gain exposure to the fields of Exercise Physiology, … Read more


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Hi there, I’m Clare role Work Placement Claire joined MET Phys on June 2022. She has recently completed her cert 2 in Health Services and  currently working towards a Cert 3. Fun facts about Clare On my weekends I play rugby 7’s and 15’s During my spare time I love to bake with my friends … Read more


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Hi there, I’m Josie role Student Placement Josie was in her final year of studying Clinical Exercise Physiology at Queensland University of Technology when she joined MET Phys. Since a young age, she had a passion for sport and health and a strong desire to make a positive impact on the lives of others. This … Read more


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Hi there, I’m Paige role Student Placement Paige joined MET Phys as a fourth-year Occupational Therapy student. After completing school, she decided to pursue a career in Occupational Therapy, starting her studies three years later. What she loves about Occupational Therapy is the wide range of fields it offers and the opportunity to support individuals … Read more


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Hi there, I’m Bradley role Student Placement Bradley joined MET Phys in March 2022 for his USQ placement. Being born and raised in Toowoomba, he was a true local. As a sport and exercise graduate, he was currently enrolled in the 4th year honours program for exercise physiology. He held a certificate 3 in fitness … Read more


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Hi there, I’m Zarah role Student Placement Zarah was a student from USQ when she joined MET Phys. Her love for physical activity originated in the swimming pool. She had always been fascinated by anatomy and physiology, recognizing the intricate coordination of trillions of cells within the human body, functioning as one colossal machine. meet … Read more

Michael B.

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Hi there, I’m Michael role Student Placement Michael joined MET Phys in August 2022. As a mature-aged student, he was seeking a career change in an exciting industry. He had a wife and two boys, aged 8 and 5, with whom he cherished spending his spare time. He also assisted in coaching his boys in … Read more


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Hi there, I’m Kylie role Student Placement Kylie was currently working as a remedial massage therapist, a profession she adored, when she joined MET Phys. Her career began in the beauty therapy industry right after finishing high school. She discovered her love for massage, but felt limited in her ability to truly assist clients with … Read more


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Hi there, I’m Bri role Student Placement Bri was currently in her 4th and final year of studying exercise physiology at USQ when she joined MET Phys. She had always been an enthusiastic sports enthusiast and loved promoting exercise. She was passionate and motivated about assisting people in achieving their individual goals. She looked forward … Read more


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Hi there, I’m Naomi role Student Placement Naomi was in her third year of studying Sports and Exercise Science with Honours in Clinical Exercise Physiology when she joined MET Phys. She was currently undertaking her 3rd year placement. She had always harbored a passion for sport and exercise, as well as assisting people in improving … Read more


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Hi there, I’m Sabina role Student Placement Sabina was studying HLT43015 Certificate IV in Allied Health Assisting – Physiotherapy when she joined MET Phys. She was a confident, outgoing, and effervescent individual. In August 2020, she was medically discharged from the Army. As part of a DVA Vocational Rehabilitation Program, she pursued the Certificate IV … Read more


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Hi there, I’m Caitlin role Student Placement Caitlin, who was 18 years old at the time, was working at Intersport Toowoomba and studying a Cert III in Allied Health Assistance when she joined MET Phys. She had a keen interest in sports, recreation, and staying active. Additionally, she was drawn to the idea of helping … Read more