Hi there,
This is Boo

and he Can't wait to hug you

Therapy Dog

Area of interest

Being Exceptionally Cute for Extra Treats

Waiting for Pats

Helping People

qualifications & certifications
  • Puppy School

Boo is our fluffy therapy dog. He loves coming into the clinic to see everyone (mainly for pats). If you need someone to cuddle, pat or be close too, Boo is your best friend. 

He knows not all humans are fond of kings like him so please let our receptionist know and we can make sure to accomodate your needs. 

When Boo isn’t in the clinic he is sleeping, eating bones and guarding his home. 


Fun facts about Boo

He loves bones, bones and did he say bones?

He takes your steak when you aren't looking

He enjoys walks over fetching the ball (what a weird concept)

He has torn his ACL and had to go to doggy physio