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We help legends like you, improve your well-being and lifestyle through exercise and empowerment.
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Move. Empower. Transform.

We are more than just a health service, we are a family and a community empowering each other to live their best life. Every individual that walks through our doors is welcomed with open arms and taken on a journey to transform their health. Whether you are 2 or 100 years old, looking to move more or manage your health, our team can help you. 

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We support you in your health journey

We understand how your health can be daunting, how it can be a task and how it can seem like a struggle to get started. From the start, our passionate team tailor a plan with you that will suit your needs and goals. Whether this be one of our services, group classes, one-on-one sessions or a program – we are ready to help you.

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We are all born legends

We have been helping improve the health of our legends in Highfields, Toowoomba and Crows Nest, by creating a community of people who are wanting to take the steps to live their best life. We believe your journey starts with movement through exercise which empowers your wellbeing and mindset to truly transform your life.

Delivering health safely

Our team are equipped to offering our services three ways for more convenience, comfort and safety. For preferences as to how you would like a program or appointment delivered, please let one of our team know. 



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My health and my Dr said for me to go, yes I would recommend and my attitude has changed as I was never keen on exercise and now I am.
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